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Burials & Funerals at Zion

Comprehensive Burial & Funeral Services in St. Louis

At Zion Cemetery, we understand that saying goodbye is a deeply personal experience. Our comprehensive burial services encompass a range of options to suit your family's preferences and budget. From elegantly arranged gravesites to meticulously crafted headstones that pay homage to a life well-lived, our team is dedicated to creating a fitting final resting place.

Graves & Headstones
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Burial Monuments
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Funeral Services
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Caskets & Vaults
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Cremation & Urns
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Seasonal Flowers
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Empathetic Cremation and Urn Services

For families seeking a more intimate commemoration, our cremation and urn services offer a meaningful way to honor your loved ones. Zion's dedicated professionals handle every detail with care, ensuring a seamless process that respects your wishes. Choose from an array of beautifully designed urns or custom keepsakes that provide a lasting tribute to a cherished memory.

Monuments That Stand the Test of Time

Capture the essence of your loved one's journey with an exquisite monuments. Monuments transform memories into works of art, crafting enduring tributes that tell a story for generations. A monument serves as a lasting reminder of the profound impact your loved one had on your life and the St. Louis community.

Affordable Vaults, Caskets, and Floral Tributes

Zion Cemetery understands the importance of reasonability during times of grief.  Vaults and caskets offer both elegance and security, ensuring a dignified resting place. Complement the farewell with floral tributes, adding a touch of natural beauty to the proceedings.

A Tranquil Space for Wakes and Remembrance

Finding solace in the company of friends and family is essential during the mourning process. Our serene grounds provide the perfect setting for wakes, allowing you to gather and share cherished memories. Amidst the tranquil beauty of our St. Louis cemetery, you'll find comfort in the embrace of nature and the support of your loved ones.

Zion Cemetery is more than a burial ground – it's a sanctuary of compassion, dignity, and affordable remembrance. Our St. Louis funeral and burial services are thoughtfully designed to honor your loved one's unique journey, ensuring a meaningful farewell that leaves an everlasting mark on your heart.


Contact us today to discuss how we can help you create a personalized tribute that truly reflects the life lived and the love shared.

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