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Our Columbarium: A Place of Reverence 


Life's journey is a beautiful one, and at Zion Cemetery, we believe in preserving the memories and legacies of those who have touched our hearts.


Nestled in the heart of St. Louis, we offer a serene and compassionate final resting place for human cremains. Allow us to introduce you to a sanctuary of remembrance and reflection.

In the midst of life's bustling rhythm, our columbarium stands as a tranquil haven for the cherished memories of your loved ones. Whether you prefer traditional burial or cremation, our columbarium offers an intimate space for the interment of cremated remains.

Why Choose Our Columbarium?


Affordable Options: We understand the importance of affordability during challenging times. Our columbarium offers cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.  


Serene Beauty: Our columbarium is nestled within a peaceful, picturesque landscape. It provides a calming setting for reflection and remembrance.


Diverse Options: We offer a range of customizable memorialization options, from elegant niches to personalized plaques and inscriptions.


Peaceful Atmosphere: Families can find solace in the serene ambiance of our columbarium, where the beauty of nature and heartfelt memories come together.

At Zion, we believe that love transcends time and space. We invite you to explore the tranquil beauty of our historic cemetery and columbarium, a place where memories are cherished, and legacies are honored. Whether for yourself or a loved one, we are here to provide the highest level of care and compassion.

Come visit us today in St. Louis, and let us help you create a meaningful tribute that will endure for generations. Together, we'll ensure that the love and memories you hold dear continue to flourish in a place of eternal peace.

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