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What is Green Burial?

A green burial is one that avoids as much interference with the natural world as possible. Loved ones will be buried unembalmed, without an outer (concrete) container, and in a biodegradable casket, or merely in a shroud. 


Zion is classed as a “hybrid” cemetery by the Green Burial Council, which means that, while we offer green burial options, they are not required.

Green burials are becoming more common these days as people seek ways to help protect the environment as much as possible.

What kind of materials are allowed in a green burial?

The GBC certifies product suppliers as well as cemeteries and funeral homes. The companies they have certified are located here.

Is cremation more eco-friendly than a regular burial? What about this thing called “flameless cremation” that’s now available in St. Louis?

All burials will have some impact on the environment. A green burial should have as little as possible. By not requiring embalming or an outer container, a green burial will be more eco-friendly than a regular burial. Cremation is seen by some as being a greener choice, but one should factor in the carbon footprint of a crematorium when considering your options. “Flameless cremation,” in which the loved one is dissolved rather than burned, is greener than cremation.

No matter what options you choose, you will still have some impact on the environment. However, by selecting the most green options available, you can minimize this as well as honor and memorialize your loved one in a way that works for you.

What is the part of the family in all of this?

With many people becoming more environmentally conscious, it only makes sense to offer greener alternatives. We actively encourage families to look into all their options and to be involved in the entire planning process so that they are able to memorialize their loved one in a way that is comfortable to them and matches their values and beliefs.

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