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Honoring Our Veterans Week 4 - 2018

In honor of Veteran’s Day, November 11th, we want to honor our veterans who served and are buried here in Zion Cemetery. These are just a few of those who served in the military but the time period or war is not specified on their tombstone.

Carl W. Barg – Tech 5 Med Det III Illinois Infantry

August “Gus” Bruegge – Co E 15

William George Brunken – MO Seaman 2 Cl Navy

Theodore Canary – US Calvary MO Pvt 23 Inf 1 Div

Raymond J. Crouch – 2nd LT KIA

John Deacon – MO SUE Sgt Inf

Clifford M. Dial – US Navy Seabees

Kenneth John Draeger – MS 3 US Navy

George Frank Lutzi– Pvt US Army 1918-1919

Hugo O. Kronmueller – MO Pvt Motor Trans Corp

Paul Robert McLaird – MO A3C 51 Air Base GF AF

Lester C. Macklin – Illinois NG 1917-?

William Morrison – CO K 17th Infantry

William Nagel – MO Cpl US Marine Corps 1957-1960

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