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Honoring Our Veterans Week 3 - 2018

In honor of Veteran’s Day, November 11th, we want to honor our military who served and are buried here in Zion Cemetery. These are just a few of those who served in World War II.

Martin Ewald Aschmon

Rev Warren Clarence Baltzer – US Army Tech 4

Frank Blum – PFC

John Louis Boehmer – US Navy Fireman 2 class MO

John E. Bozarth – Pvt Prcht Inf 13 ABN Div

William R. Brown – lst Sgt US Army 1943-1945

Henry Frederick Brueseke – US Army Signal Corp

Edwin Milton Brune – US Army

Clarence A. Bunten – US Army

Floyd Jacob Burckhardt – US Army

Joseph C. Crouch Jr – Cpl USA

Earl D. Decker – Army & Coast Guard

Melvin Jacob Drumm – S2 US Navy

Zack Duvall – US Army Tech 4, 1942-1945

Milton Frank Elli – MO Pvt lst Class 771 lst Bomb Sqdrn

James Edward Fehring – MO Pvt 505 PFC HT Inf 82 Airborne Div

Albert Wilford Feste – Navy 1943-47

George William Geiss – US Army 1942-46

Kenneth S. Grilleaux – MO 1st Lt Army Air Forces DFC

Ralph H. Hoelscher – QM3 US Navy

John T. Kelly – MO Tec 5 1853 SVC

George Alexander Kruzick – Sgt US Army

Edgar Frank Maas – US Army 1942-1945

William L. Nichols – US Navy

James L. Phillips – PFC US Army

Irwin H. Pieper – US Army Air Corp

Edison A. Tebeau – PFC US Army

John L. Tienter – S2 US Navy

Robert William Weiss – Pvt US Army

Maurice Carrigan White – EM 3 US Navy

These are just a few of those who served in the Korean War or Viet Nam

William August Broeker – Cpl US Army

Walter Charles Busby – US Navy

John George Schmidt – US Army

Alvin Wilson Sr. – US Marine Corps

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