In the Office: Jennifer

If you call us or stop by Zion Cemetery, you’ll find our Family Service Representative, Jennifer Croney, available to help you with your needs. Here are a few things to know about Jennifer. What got you interested in cemeteries? When I was 21, my father-in-law at the time worked for a cemetery and I wasRead more

The Mausoleum

John Cordes and his son-in-law August Jasper had this private mausoleum erected in 1902. The first entombment was that of Cordesā€™ other son-in-law, August Johnson, on February 9, 1906. August Johnson was 39 years old. He had been ill and in an institution in St. Louis until his death. According to a letter in theRead more

We’re out there

Now you can find us in many places. Check us out on Twitter @ ZionCemeteryStL and Instagram @ zioncemeterystl. Plus you can review us on Yelp, Google Places & Bing Places.Read more

What is the ACM?

Perhaps you spotted the Associated Cemeteries of Missouri logo on the front page of our website; perhaps you even wondered what it was. TheĀ organization was founded in 1958 and is dedicated to helping cemeteries network with others and to keep an eye on legislation being debated in Jefferson City that concerns cemetery management. Zion joinedRead more


Welcome to Zion Cemetery’s newest endeavor – our blog! Zion, at 135 years old, is an institution that is proud of its legacy and of its continued ability to fulfill our responsibilities to those we serve. But at can’t just rest on our laurels or watch the world go by and leave us behind. ToRead more