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Zion Cemetery's Heartwarming Pet Cemetery Debut: Where Love and Tails Find Eternal Rest

Despite the wild weather that swept through St. Louis over the weekend, families and their furry friends came together to witness the unveiling of Zion Cemetery's new Pet Cemetery. The event was a heartwarming testament to the enduring bond between humans and their beloved pets.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at noon, with a touching tribute to the late Gary Feldmann, a cherished friend of Zion Cemetery who dedicated countless hours to its care. The Pet Cemetery, a labor of love and devotion, was fittingly dedicated to Gary Feldmann's memory, honoring his unwavering commitment to the Zion community.

The centerpiece of the new Pet Cemetery is a columbarium and native garden, with individual niches where families can tenderly lay their cherished pets to rest. The inaugural niche was dedicated to the adored pets of the Kneib family, who serve on Zion’s board of directors.

To mark this dog-friendly occasion, Zion Cemetery hosted a community BBQ featuring delicious cuisine from local favorite, Brucey B's Catering. Families and their furry companions mingled and enjoyed a day filled with laughter and companionship. The event's atmosphere was playful, with doggy pools providing a refreshing respite from the sweltering heat, and the artistic talents of live cartoon caricature artist David Gorden, who captured the essence of each furry friend in his lively sketches.

Zion Cemetery extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Pagedale police department for their gracious appearance, exemplifying the strong community connections that make Zion Cemetery a cherished gathering place for all.

"Zion Cemetery's new Pet Cemetery is a testament to our commitment to creating a space where the bonds between families and their pets can be celebrated and cherished for generations to come," said CeCe McCoo, Executive Director at Zion Cemetery. "We are honored to have had friends, families, and their furry companions join us for this momentous occasion."

Zion Cemetery is a safe haven for dogs and their owners, offering a welcoming environment for trail walking, picnics, and workout groups from sunrise to sunset. This new addition Zion to be known as a place of solace, celebration, and community connection. Reach out to schedule a time to meet with us, or visit us in person to see what we're all about!

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